Top Co Working office space providers in Noida, Delhi NCR

Wizworks offering phenomenal co working office space in Noida

These days we are witnessing that employee attrition rates are increasing because of hectic working hours. This is a botheration to the HR departments of most companies that need to get used to the chaos that results from employees leaving the organisation regularly. Many large and well reputed organisations facilitate their employees to work better by providing necessary and well-executed services free to their staff members thereby attracting more and more workers, and staff members.

One of the ways to deal with such situations that many companies are slowly embracing is allowing employees to work out of coworking spaces. Basically, coworking field embodies certain facilities and functions that attract enterprising and innovative minds to organisations offering such working facilities.

Co working offices in Noida is leading by example as they provide lifetime exposure to their subscribed members. These spaces are providing the right kind of platform to young and enthusiastic minds and entrepreneurs who have the capability to take risks to undertake work at affordable rentals while facilitating them with great work environment.

Co working private offices in Noida, Delhi and other top cities of the country like Wizworks provide high quality Wi-Fi facilities, stationary and front desk facilities, gaming zone for chilling, breakout zones for members to regularly interact, technical support and solutions, nap and guest rooms etc. Top coworking spaces in Noida like Wizworks offers: -

  • An environment that refreshes the mental and physical faculties of fresh and young minds.
  • An environment that helps make the next gen perform better and be more productive in their professional careers.
  • An environment that is limitless and flexible – where individuals from different careers and work environments get to meet and exchange ideas with a diversified group of people and work culture.
  • An environment that is equipped and geared in a high-tech manner so that people can work comfortably and at ease. With almost of all kinds of assistance and facilities just a call away, working in coworking office space like Wizworks is a great facilitator.
  • An environment that encourages new and fresh ideas that could very well become the foundation of new ventures tomorrow.
  • Enables proper and full-fledged working environment making work more effective and efficient.

The most important thing is that its devices strategies to maintain its membership. Co working offices in Noida provides ample amount of opportunities to working professionals to grow in their career and work life.

The top coworking office space in Noida provides individuals with the opportunity to work in collaboration in shared office space. Coworking is good for the non-profit organisations too. The concept of shared office spaces works well with freelancers, entrepreneurs, employees and workers associated with various corporate houses, etc. Saving costs is a major factor here that each organisation aims at in this cutthroat competitive environment.

Time is also of essence these days from designing to execution, the demand to finish and submit work on time is crucial for the future of organisations. Co working spaces aim at resolving a lot of these issues by providing favourable professional working atmosphere for new businesses and small enterprises to live their dreams of making it big in a demanding market scenario. Shared office spaces provide the much-required facilities, amenities, equipment and services that are proving helpful in firing up thoughts and giving wings to ideas. This in turn sounds good for the future of business enterprises and even the sector itself. Wizworks is contributing its share by ensuring that young and energetic minds get the opportunity to come together, work freely and explore their ambitions to their zenith.

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Company Profile

WIZworks is the brainchild and co-venture of Mr. Ankit Aggarwal of Maple Group, and Mr. Sahil Gupta of the PGRG Group. Both Maple Group and PGRG Group are well-established real estate builders, developers and promoters in the Delhi NCR region. They have between them more than three decades of experience in the real estate sector and their enviable track record speaks for itself. Their combined strengths of experience and dynamism are a force to reckon with.

The PGRG group is a well established and reputed Builder and developer in commercial and residential projects across Delhi-NCR. Being pioneers in the real estate sector the group focuses on Coherently coordinating the counterparts of construction henceforth converting ideas from paper to real buildings

They have successfully delivered numerous commercial projects some of which are the 'IKON', IT Tower, K S Corporate Tower, SB Tower etc. all of them located at Film City sector 16A Noida, Fusion Square at Sector 126 Noida, IBM campuses A and B at Sector 62 Noida to name a few. Their cumulative area of current & past projects crosses over millions of square feet.

The group super heads in delivering a plethora of residential projects including properties such as Apartments, Vilas etc. Successfully attaining an edge-over reputation in real estate is built around world class infrastructure, experience architects and amenities.

The Maple Group’s solid reputation is built around its assurance of providing quality constructions, timely delivery, innovative designs and the professionalism of its core management team.

The Maple Group has successfully forayed into the construction and development of hotels, housing complexes, multiplexes, townships, commercials and infrastructure.

Vision and Mission

Both companies have come together with a shared vision of entering the co-working spaces domain, which is expected to grow exponentially in the near future.

Their mission is to provide world-class co-working infrastructure and amenities to working professionals throughout the country.