Shared coworking office space in Noida

How shared coworking space in Noida by Wizworks is supporting professionals to do their jobs better?

The conventional office space model is slowly losing out on its charm. Five or ten year lease periods are not for young and fresh companies anymore. New entrepreneurs today are not only innovative and self-starters they are no longer attracted to operate out of a typical office space.

The concept of coworking or co sharing workspace has gathered momentum in the last few years, more so, because it is being viewed as a lifestyle choice. It is trendy; it is a smart and a flexible way of working. What eventually works in the favour of co working office space providers is their immensely attractive subscription model that invariably helps in proving a competitive edge to start-ups, freelances, workers from home and the SME segment.

While the concept of co sharing office space entered India majorly because of increased entrepreneurial ventures in the last few years, today the scenario is such that even top multinational companies and big corporates are not hesitating from sharing office space with co-workers and other professionals. In India, Delhi/NCR, Bangalore and Mumbai are the three cities that have witnessed phenomenal rise of demand and supply of such a revolutionary model of work.

On one hand the conventional commercial real estate is sky-rocketing especially in cities like Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. On the other, these cities are home to hundreds and hundreds of new companies and start-ups especially in the tech and internet-based sectors. Undoubtedly coworking office space companies like Wizworks have put in their money into offering world-class shared office space in Noida and the other four cities. Pune and Chennai are closely following with many big corporates based out of these cities showing the inclination and interest to work from a shared office space.

Features of a shared coworking space in Noida by Wizworks

Shared office spaces are fun to work because of the casual and flexible atmosphere inside. Here is how leading and reputed space providers like Wizworks is making work enjoyable and exciting for their members and clients.

Geared with a robust and a lively work environment, the company has worked on designing, conceptualizing and providing one of the trendiest and classy

shared office spaces for rent in Noida.

Like most other coworking office spaces, Wizworks too ensures to take care of basic needs of their clients that pertain to things like:-

  • Workstations and dedicated cabins to workings professionals
  • Fast internet connectivity
  • Conference and meeting rooms
  • Lobby for guests to sit and wait
  • Tea/coffee and snacking options
  • Air-conditioned environment with proper power backup, especially in a city like Noida which suffers from frequent power cuts.
  • Cupboards, drawers and other kinds of storage options that can be locked and secured.
  • Provision of basic stationary items
  • Well-equipped with printers, photocopiers, scanners and fax machines that are so often used by corporates and individuals.
  • Security personnel stationed at the entrance to ensure proper checking of visitors and guests.
  • Full-fledged manned reception for managing guest movement professionally and providing administrative support to clients.

While these are common features of most shared coworking spaces in Noida, there are additional and special services offered by the company on extra charges and on demand by clients. These include:-

  • Open all night: this is one of latest features that many coworking space providers are offering to their customers these days. This has helped in fulfilling the purpose of such business entities that need to work through the night because the nature of their business requires them to work late at night.
  • A well-maintained nap room or guest room with bathroom facilities. A feature that brings in a touch of hospitality and also means going out of the way to help the clients.
  • Breakout rooms are the right places when one needs to take a break from work. These areas become the hub for people from different professional backgrounds to casually meet and chat up, make friends and connections. These areas could well become the place to lay the foundation of a new collaborative venture in the future.
  • Catering. While offering basic cafeteria and serving tea/coffee with light snacks, microwave for warming food is done by most providers, some like Wizworks go a step further to arrange for meals for their clients. There are many coworking spaces that have in-house snacks counters; some tie up with restaurants nearby to facilitate easy food for the working professionals. Some of them even stock up the fridge with free light snacks that helps to keep their clients happy and full when working.
  • Fitness Center and Gym. With most young entrepreneurs being health conscious, it is just apt to provide a fitness centre in-house in the shared office space for entrepreneurs. It also makes for an attractive proposition to enroll more members who try to balance out their work and personal life effectively.
  • Gaming Zone. With majority office space coworking spaces used up by tech start-ups and the IT sector, it is no surprise that modern providers of shared office for rent like Wizworks come up a dedicated area that houses workstations dedicated to gaming online and on LAN. Then there are other game rooms that are equipped with LEGO games, board games, pool table and video games to help people chill out in the midst of work.
  • Crèche. Today many mothers have entered the freelancing and entrepreneurial domains. In order to help them fruitfully balance out their professional life with their motherly commitments, a crèche becomes a must requirement that shared office space companies like Wizworks provide to their loyal women clientele.
  • Some other kinds of facilities that Wizworks offers to its members are – IT and admin support, basic housekeeping and maintenance facilities, mail handing and courier service.

Many new entrants to the coworking industry in the country today are devising innovative and creative ways of securing a loyal customer base, just like any other industry. With almost 100% occupancy of coworking spaces in India today, the competition amongst the service providers is getting tough as each player brings to the table a host of new facilities and amenities. Some other unique and exclusive offerings include – graffiti walls for the creative minds, post work hour event programs to encourage interaction amongst members and corporate employees who are sharing office space with another company, sound proof rooms, acoustically sound video-recording and podcast rooms, multiple varieties of beverages, ergonomic chairs and tables, projectors, smart whiteboards and TVs in the meeting room and conference venues, free parking facilities, providing advisory and consulting services, offering legal support and assistance, massage chairs, providing for basic accounting services in-house and lots more.

Picking the right shared office space for rent in Noida

It is important to understand what kind of services the space providers’ offer to their members when looking for office space. There are a plethora of facilities that coworking office sharing companies offer, mostly on a chargeable basis and you need to understand which facilities fit with your requirement and budget appropriately. For individuals it always makes sense to find office space near their place of residence. It helps resolve travel related issues that is one of the major drawbacks of working in a conventional office environment. Since one of the main reasons of the booming shared office space industry in the country is the low overhead and maintenance costs and also affordable rentals it makes perfect sense to search office space that has flexible and economic subscription fees and payment modules. Typically, service providers charge for the office space as per time spent by the client – so it could vary from being a rental for the day to being contracted on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Again, one needs to choose a suitable package as per his/her requirement. While most corporate entities would go in for a contractual model with a specific time period mentioned, individual clients need to ascertain their needs first and then subscribe accordingly.

Another important aspect to reconsider while looking out for the perfect shared office space in Noida is to assess the location of the place. It should invariably be easy to access via public transport. With metro connectivity in full swing in Noida and Greater Noida, the location of Wizworks is ideal for people travelling in their own personal transport as well those travelling by public means.

What does the future hold for this industry?

Coworking and shared office space industry in India has been successful in attracting the attention of international investors who have now entered the domain to intensify the competition. With most metros cities already showing impressive results, the industry is now ready to take the next big leap by entering the Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities in the country. Since the concept of entrepreneurship is catching up fast with youths all across the country, it will not be long before the demand for well-equipped modern offices on shared basis start to soar high in these mid-sized cities too. Experts believe that in a short time the coworking model will diversify in the country to work hand-in-hand with incubator platforms making things much more convenient and simpler for entrepreneurial minds to get going on their start-ups. As the need to collaborate and associate with people who have different qualifications rises, as well as the flexible working module gets appreciated and its due recognition, the future of the coworking space in India looks bright and positive. 2018 saw a growth in leased coworking spaces and this year the expectations are much higher as a wave of changing work culture increases its footprint in the nation.

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At WIZworks we offer a wide range of benefits and amenities that will take care of your day-to-day requirements. Some of the benefits are quite standard, while others are unique and will provide extra value to your shared workspace experience.


  • Gaming Room

    Need to work off some of that nervous energy? So, just head to our gaming room and fire up those fingers to play stimulating games on our Play Stations. Go back to work once you are relaxed.

  • Cafeteria

    Running a business is hungry work. Make full use of our smart, serviced café and well-stocked and contemporary cafeteria to refuel your system.

  • Break-out Zones

    We have several strategically-placed ‘break-out zones’ where you can relax for a while, catch up on what’s happening around the world while you have been busy building empires. Meet new people and have stimulating discussions and exchange of ideas over a cup of tea or coffee.

  • Fitness Centre

    We know it’s hard to take care of your body while you are working for a living, so spend some quality time in our well-equipped fitness centre, burn some calories and stay in shape.

  • Phone booth

    We have provided a number of private phone booth throughout the office area so that you can hold conversations without being disturbed or worrying that you might be disturbing others.

  • Nap Room

    Fancy a quick shut-eye? You can head to our nap room for a power nap and return to work refreshed and alert.

  • Creche

    If you are a working super-mom (or super-dad), you can rest easy as we provide in-house creche facilities for your little ones.

    The facilities include trained nannies/aayahs, an exciting but safe play area and cradles/cots.


  • Parking Facilities

    Abundant parking space is available in and around the premises. Members will be allotted special parking stickers which will provide them hassle-free access to the parking area.

  • Mail Handling and Courier Service

    We are well-equipped to receive, store, and deliver your couriers and other mail

  • Tech Support and Solutions

    Our dedicated tech support cell will take care of all your tech requirements.

  • Friendly Reception and dedicated Front Desk

    Hook yourself up to hard-wired Ethernet or secure Wi-Fi, including IT support and guest log-in functionality.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

    Our maintenance staff will keep your work area clean 24X7

  • 24X7 access

    If you need to come into work outside of your normal work hours you can use your access card 24X7 to get access to you work area.


  • High-speed Internet

    To ensure that you work in a disruption-free environment, we have provided high-speed Wi-Fi and fixed line Internet service with speeds up to 100 Mbps

  • Air Conditioning

    Centralized HVAC systems circulate cool and fresh air 24X7 Power backup: Instantaneous 24 hour power back is available to ensure that your important work or meetings are not disrupted.

  • Printer/Scanner/Photocopier

    Premium business printers, scanners and photocopiers are available to take high resolutions printouts, scans and photocopies.

  • Power backup

    Instantaneous 24 hour power back is available to ensure that your important work or meetings are not disrupted.

  • Stationery

    Stationary and other office supplies are provided for each work station Air Conditioning: Centralized HVAC systems circulate cool and fresh air 24X7

  • Storage facilities

    Dedicated lockable storage facilities are provided for each work station